Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal: The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

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Artist: Taj Mahal

Artist: Taj Mahal
Title: The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

The complete collection of Taj Mahal, an American Grammy Award winning blues musician. He often incorporates elements of world music into his sound. A self-taught singer/songwriter and film composer who plays the guitar, banjo and harmonica.

1.1 Statesboro Blues
1.2 If the River Was Whiskey (Divin' Duck Blues)
1.3 By and By (Poor Me)
1.4 Candy Man
1.5 2:10 Train
1.6 Let the Good Times Roll
1.7 .44 Blues
1.8 11th Street Overcrossing
1.9 Corrin, Corinna
1.10 Tulsa County
1.11 Walkin' Down the Line
1.12 The Girl with Green Eyes
1.13 Sunny's Dream
1.14 Spanish Lace Blues
1.15 The Devil's Got My Woman
1.16 Take a Giant Step
1.17 Flyin' So High
1.18 Dust My Broom
1.19 Last Fair Deal Gone Down
1.20 Baby, What You Want Me to Do?
1.21 Statesboro Blues [Version 2] [Version]
1.22 I Got a Little
2.1 Leaving Trunk
2.2 Statesboro Blues
2.3 Checkin' Up on My Baby
2.4 Everybody's Got to Change Sometime
2.5 E Z Rider
2.6 Dust My Broom
2.7 Diving Duck Blues
2.8 The Celebrated Walkin' Blues
3.1 Good Morning Miss Brown
3.2 Corinna
3.3 I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll
3.4 Going Up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
3.5 Done Changed My Way of Living
3.6 She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride
3.7 The Cuckoo
3.8 You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til Your Well Runs Dry)
3.9 Ain't That a Lot of Love
3.10 The Cuckoo [Alternate Version] [Version]
3.11 New Strange Blues
3.12 Things Are Gonna Work Out Fine
4.1 Ain' Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')
4.2 Take a Giant Step
4.3 Give Your Woman What She Wants [From the Motion Picture the April Fools
4.4 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
4.5 You're Going to Need Somebody on Your Bond
4.6 Six Days on the Road
4.7 Farther on Down the Road (You Will Accompany Me)
4.8 Keep Your Hands Off Her
4.9 Bacon Fat
5.1 Linin' Track
5.2 Country Blues #1
5.3 Wild Ox Moan
5.4 Light Rain Blues
5.5 A Littel Soulful Tune
5.6 Candy Man
5.7 Cluck Old Hen
5.8 Colored Aristocracy
5.9 Blind Boy Rag
5.10 Stagger Lee
5.11 Cajun Tune
5.12 Fishin' Blues
5.13 Annie's Lover
6.1 Fishin' Blues [Live]
6.2 Ain' Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo') [Live]
6.3 Sweet Mama Janisse [Live]
6.4 Going Up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue [Live]
6.5 Big Kneed Gal [Live]
6.6 You're Going to Need Somebody on Your Bond [Live]
6.7 Tom and Sally Drake [Live]
6.8 Diving Duck Blues [Live]
6.9 John, Ain't It Hard [Live]
6.10 You Ain't No Street Walker Mama, Honey But I Do Love the Way You Strut
6.11 [Untitled] [Live]
7.1 Happy Just to Be Like I Am
7.2 Stealin'
7.3 Oh Susanna
7.4 Eighteen Hammers
7.5 Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day
7.6 Chevrolet
7.7 West Indian Revelation
7.8 Black Spirit Boogie
8.1 Conch: Introduction
8.2 Kalimba
8.3 Bound to Love Me Some
8.4 Ricochet
8.5 A Free Song (Rise Up Children Shake the Devil Out of Your Soul)
8.6 Corinna
8.7 Conch: Close
8.8 Cakewalk Into Town
8.9 Sweet Home Chicago
8.10 Texas Woman Blues
8.11 Gitano Negro
9.1 Needed Time
9.2 Sounder Chase a Coon
9.3 Needed Time (Hummin' and Pickin')
9.4 Morning Work/N' Meat's on the Stove
9.5 I'm Running and I'm Happy
9.6 Speedball
9.7 Goin' to the Country/Critters in the Woods
9.8 Motherless Children (Hummin')
9.9 Jailhouse Blues
9.10 Just Workin'
9.11 Harriet's Dance Song
9.12 Two Spirits Reunited
9.13 David Runs Again
9.14 Curiosity Blues
9.15 Someday Be a Change
9.16 Horseshoes
9.17 Cheraw
9.18 David's Dream
9.19 Needed Time [Guitar] [Version]
9.20 Needed Time [Banjo and Handclapping] [Version]
10.1 Buck Dancer's Choice
10.2 Little Red Hen
10.3 Oh Mama Don't You Know
10.4 Frankie and Albert
10.5 Railroad Bill
10.6 Dust My Broom
10.7 Built for Comfort
10.8 Teacup's Jazzy Blues Tune
11.1 Johnny Too Bad
11.2 Blackjack Davey
11.3 Big Mama
11.4 Cajun Waltz
11.5 Slave Driver
11.6 Why Did You Have to Desert Me?
11.7 Desperate Lover
11.8 Clara (ST. Kitts Woman)
12.1 Music Keeps Me Together
12.2 When I Feel the Sea Beneath My Soul
12.3 Dear Ladies
12.4 Aristocracy
12.5 Further on Down the Road
12.6 Roll, Turn, Spin
12.7 West Indian Revelation
12.8 My Ancestors
12.9 Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
12.10 Why?... And We Repeat Why?... And We Repeat!
13.1 Satisfied 'N Tickled Too
13.2 New E-Z Rider Blues
13.3 Black Man, Brown Man
13.4 Baby Love
13.5 Ain't Nobody's Business
13.6 Misty Morning Ride
13.7 Easy to Love
13.8 Old Time Song-Old Time Love
13.9 We Tune
14.1 Chainey Do
14.2 Sweet Mama Janisse
14.3 Yan-Nah Mama-Loo
14.4 Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day
14.5 I Pity the Poor Immigrant
14.6 Jacob's Ladder
14.7 Ain' Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')
14.8 Sweet Mama Janisse
14.9 You Ain't No Streetwalker Mama, Honey But I Do Love the Way You Strut y
14.10 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
14.11 Shady Grove
14.12 Butter
15.1 Runnin' By the Riverside [Live]
15.2 John, Ain't It Hard [Live]
15.3 Band Introduction [Live]
15.4 Sweet Mama Janisse [Live]
15.5 Big Fat [Live]
15.6 Diving Duck Blues [Live]
15.7 Checkin' Up on My Baby [Live]
15.8 Oh Susanna [Live]
15.9 Bacon Fat [Live]
15.10 Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day [Live]

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