Talking to Walls

Talking to Walls: We Were Not So Tall

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Artist: Talking to Walls
Title: We Were Not So Tall

With a stated goal of either making a timeless, deep-listening record or just breaking up, Talking to Walls spent months hidden away in an undisclosed location with producer Greg Giorgio (who's manned the boards for such bands as Interpol, The National, Mates of State, and Tokyo Police Club) to stake out some new territory. The result is We Were Not So Tall, a new record that challenges listeners to pick a favorite from an all-killer, no-filler lineup of gems that recalls the good old days of rock. We Were Not So Tall is a record full of secrets and treats, but also finds the boys in the band flaunting their influences like combat medals. The album offers 12 tracks of rock-and-roll stories, from the driving indie glam of 'Running Out,' to the Smashing Pumpkins-meets-Buffalo Tom of 'Walkaway,' to the prog-inflected slam of 'Came to You,' to 'Tomorrow,' which could have been hidden among the b-sides from The Joshua Tree. Songwriting, arranging, and performing have all been pushed to the next level: lyrical guitar solos hint at the heartbreak behind Kelly's trademark desperation vocals, while drum and bass patterns interlock into grooves that are at once body-moving at first hear and pleasingly complex for the attentive listener. No wonder fans and critics alike are already calling We Were Not So Tall the band's best yet: 'Talking to Walls has taken it to the next level," writes Mike Sembos of the New Haven Advocate. 'Greg Giorgio makes this disc shine, and exemplifies what a good artist/producer pairing can do for a band willing to work hard." The album will also feature contributions from members of Zox, the Alternate Routes, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers and many more. Live orchestra? Check. Three part vocal harmonies? Check. Guitar soundscapes and ebows? Bagpipes, accordions and atmospheric headphone treats? Instantly catchy tunes with the weight of the world on their shoulders? Game, set and match.

1.1 Came to You
1.2 Running Out
1.3 Fine Man
1.4 Tomorrow
1.5 Pretty Little Thing
1.6 Chiaroscuro
1.7 Crossed My Mind
1.8 Cloudbusters
1.9 Walkaway
1.10 Cherry Red Heart
1.11 Song for Megan
1.12 We Were Not So Tall

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