Tall Dwarfs: Weeville

Tall Dwarfs: Weeville
Title: Weeville
Label: Cloud Recordings

This is the 1990 masterpiece by the legendary New Zealand duo, remastered and re-issued. The influence of Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate's fractured pop has been felt far and wide in the American indie music community for years, with a lengthy list of fans including Pavement, Yo La Tengo, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Includes a beautiful 20-page booklet. Hypnotic tape loop rhythm tracks and brilliant songwriting with lyrics that range from the political to the nature of human existence.

1.1 Lag
1.2 What More
1.3 Breath
1.4 Skin of My Teeth
1.5 Crawl
1.6 Sign the Dotted Line
1.7 Pirouette
1.8 Lucky
1.9 Bodies
1.10 Mr Broccolli
1.11 Lie
1.12 Winner, the
1.13 Rorschach
1.14 Tip of My Tongue
1.15 Ozone
1.16 Hallelujah Boy

Tall Dwarfs: Weeville

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