Tamgled Thoughts of Leaving

Tamgled Thoughts of Leaving: Deaden the Fields

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Artist: Tamgled Thoughts of Leaving
Title: Deaden the Fields

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving's debut album, Deaden the Fields, is epic to say the least. Combining frenetic progressive rock with jazz, soaring post-metal and brutal noise passages, TToL take the listener on a 6-track, 62-minute odyssey. Recorded by the band's own Ron Pollard and mastered by Swedish legend Pelle Henricsson (Cult of Luna, Refused, Poison the Well), Deaden the Fields is as emotive as it is technical; as melodic as it is abrasive. Led by classical-inspired piano playing and incredible technical drumming, Perth's Tangled Thoughts of Leaving have delivered an exhilarating album that demands the listener's full attention right up to it's cathartic final notes.

1.1 Landmarks
1.2 Throw Us to the Wind
1.3 ... And Sever Us from the Present
1.4 Deep Rivers Run Quiet
1.5 Deaden the Fields
1.6 They Found My Skull in the Nest of a Bird

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