Tammany Hall Nyc: Buddy

Tammany Hall Nyc: Buddy
Title: Buddy
Label: CD Baby

The BUZZ about New York band TAMMANY HALL NYC: On June 15th, 2003, Steve O'Reilly is cast as an actor in new Paramount Pictures film entitled THE PRINCE AND THE FRESHMAN to star as Julia Stiles brother, Mike Morgan. Film scheduled for release in early 2004. On February 16, 2003, WSAM, Hartford radio, interviews THNYC lead singer/songwriter Steve O'Reilly about the new album, 'BUDDY' and promotes upcoming show at the Webster Theater Underground in Hartford, CT. On February 4th, 2003, THNYC releases 'BUDDY' and begins independent college radio promotion campaign with POWDERFINGER PROMOTIONS. On January 13, 2003, THNYC lead singer/songwriter Steve O'Reilly is interviewed by DJ Vinnie Penn on KC101 New Haven for the morning show. They introduce the interview by spinning 'Wait For You', and follow it with 'Sullivan Street', both new tracks off upcoming self-release 'BUDDY'. On November 14, 2002, THNYC lead singer/songwriter Steve O'Reilly is interviewed on Atlanta, GA's 99X to tell the HBO story. They follow the interview by introducing 'Wait For You' to listeners, and promise to help support the band. On November 12, 2002, due to overwhelming consumer response HBO offers to feature THNYC's 'back in the bottle' for sale at the HBO Store on the HBO website, w/a full page of graphics, product info, reviews, etc. THNYC's relationship with HBO strengthens! On Friday October 24, 2002, Tammany Hall NYC plays a SOLDOUT show at The Mercury Lounge in NYC. On October 18, 2002, feature documentary 'EAT THIS NEW YORK' premieres to a sold-out audience at the Hamptons International Film Festival featuring 4-songs by THNYC. Original score written by Steve O'Reilly and Matt Anthony. On October 4, 2002, Universal Pictures' 'MY LITTLE EYE' opened in London. A WORKING TITLE production directed by Marc Evans (RESURRECTION MAN) and produced by Jon Finn (BILLY ELLIOT), 'MY LITTLE EYE' is a psychological thriller starring TAMMANY HALL NYC lead singer/songwriter Stephen O'Reilly. The film was 2nd at the box office for the weekend ($1.5M) and garnered rave reviews. Box office to date has exceeded $6M. U.S. distribution deal is imminent. On September 15, 2002, 13.4 million HBO viewers were introduced to 'Wait for You' (A re-mix of THNYC's 'Wait for Jane'), seconds before the record breaking season premiere of THE SOPRANOS. Due to record call-ins, HBO posts the Sunday Video 'Wait For You' on their website. On September 13, 2002, Elvis Duran and the Z MORNING ZOO Played 'Always on Sunday' for millions of New Yorkers on Z100 (WHTZ FM). On July 21, 2002, 7.4 million people heard the 'ROCK' re-mix of 'Always on Sunday' prior to the season premiere of HBO's SEX AND THE CITY. On June 24, 2002, hip & young MTV viewers tuned in to watch the premiere episode of MTV's new reality drama SORORITY LIFE. The first music those viewers heard was TAMMANY HALL NYC's 'Sullivan Street'. THNYC music will also be featured in the upcoming new MTV reality drama FRATERNITY LIFE. On March 17, 2002, thousands of NBA fans heard TAMMANY HALL NYC's song 'Dylan and Me' on SHOWTIME (NBA on NBC). On March 3, 2002, 5.5 million HBO viewers heard TAMMANY HALL NYC's song 'Always on Sunday' during the best 85 seconds of television prior to the premiere of the second season of SIX FEET UNDER.

1.1 To the Woman
1.2 Friday, You're with Me
1.3 I Was Hopin'
1.4 Sullivan Street
1.5 Cindy
1.6 Hey Lanie
1.7 Dylan and Me
1.8 Gidddy in the Sun
1.9 Summer Song
1.10 Jello Song
1.11 Wait for You

Tammany Hall Nyc: Buddy

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