Tammy Lee: I Crack Me Up!

Tammy Lee: I Crack Me Up!
Title: I Crack Me Up!
Label: CD Baby

The Original CD, that got it all going, 'I Crack Me Up' now in publication for all those that want to Hear this woman that is 'OFF THE CHAIN', yeppers that right, A White woman off the Chain...LOL...well check out this Unique, Blow Your Socks Off CD and you will find out what so many are talking about. This CD, along with her other Two, are Great for all ages and all mindsets, no matter what type of mood you are in, It is sure to put a smile on your face. Watch out you may just start snorting along with Tammy Lee... har har har...ha ha ha. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, is what you may think when listening to the Unique Laughter and Humor that Tammy Lee Brings to all, through her different CD's and by being in her presence. Listening to her Outrageous laughter and Snorting and stories of life, aid in helping to keep your stress Lower and your spirits UP and energy HIGH!!!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Gum Stick
1.3 Gum Stick II
1.4 Hamster
1.5 Bobcat
1.6 Snort
1.7 Endorphins
1.8 Natural High
1.9 Gemini
1.10 Sorry, Sis
1.11 Knock, Knock
1.12 Cordless
1.13 Foot
1.14 Weight
1.15 Father
1.16 Concert
1.17 Blank
1.18 Sing
1.19 Laugh
1.20 Light
1.21 Mirror
1.22 Babe Wagon
1.23 Ping Pong
1.24 Pizza
1.25 Root Beer
1.26 Debbie
1.27 Stand Up
1.28 Gotcha
1.29 Grow Up
1.30 Test Drive
1.31 Impromptu
1.32 Read, Set
1.33 Thanks

Tammy Lee: I Crack Me Up!

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