Tandy Smith Morgan

Tandy Smith Morgan: B.C. Collection

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Artist: Tandy Smith Morgan
Title: B.C. Collection

A Collection of rock n pop songs recorded by Richard Tandy, Dave Morgan and Martin Smith. Dave writes: MARTIN SMITH, as well as playing the guitar licks, was a prime mover in getting this stuff recorded. Richard and I had first met Martin when he played guitar on the last track of the EARTH RISE album back in 1983. Then in the mid 80s I began working with him in my home studio - 'Grimm Doo' in Birmingham. Eventually we recorded a substantial number of titles, most of which are to be found on this collection. In 1986, the three of us recorded a charity record titled 'ACTION' produced by Jeff Lynne. Shortly afterwards, MARTIN joined ELO on bass guitar for a tour of concerts and TV dates - as it turned out, ELO's last live appearance of the century! The songs on this collection languished on my shelves until 1992, when 'Face the Music' (the ELO fan club), suggested they be aired for the benefit of fans. Sheila Tandy thought of the title, a tongue in cheek homage to the fact that in 1988, I had become a born-again Christian, and so 'The B.C. Collection' was birthed. The collection includes a version of the song 'Hiroshima' which in 1990 became a huge European hit sung by the German artiste SANDRA. Dave.

1.1 Kari
1.2 Western Life
1.3 Anna
1.4 Eye of a Hurricane
1.5 Rosa
1.6 The Note
1.7 Room with a View
1.8 City Girl
1.9 Desert Island Blues
1.10 Dreamaway
1.11 Curves
1.12 Enola Sad / Hiroshima
1.13 Losers in Love
1.14 Run Little Girl
1.15 Bygones
1.16 Early Bird
1.17 Paradise Garden

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