Tansman / Vitis

Tansman / Vitis: Complete Solo Guitar 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tansman / Vitis

Title: Complete Solo Guitar 1
Label: Naxos

It was a pivotal meeting in the mid-1920s that marked the beginning of an enduring musical and personal friendship between Alexandre Tansman and the Spanish virtuoso guitarist Andres Segovia. Tansman's legacy for the instrument ranges over a 57-year period, inaugurated by a dazzling Mazurka and represents Segovia's 'most advanced commitment to modern music.' This first volume presents suites and dances inspired by Italy, Poland and Eastern Europe, and includes Suite in modo polonico, heard here in it's original version, not the Segovia-authorized collage. Andrea de Vitis has meticulously researched the original manuscripts to resolve any doubts and omissions in published editions.

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