Tao Jam: Greetings from the Other Side

Tao Jam: Greetings from the Other Side
Title: Greetings from the Other Side
Label: CD Baby

'Tao Jam' is an improvisational groove rock band from Western Mass fronted by award-winning pianist, flutist, composer John Sprague. Their original music combines deep hypnotic rhythms, flowing improvisations, and mystic themes. Electric guitar, keyboards, winds, bass, drums, and hand percussion interweave in a dynamic jamming interplay. Our influences and sound recall classic jam-rock such as the Dead, Doors, Traffic, Allmans, the jazzy folk of Bruce Cockburn, and the modal jazz of Miles Davis. 'Greetings From The Other Side' is their first album, a generous 72 minute helping of our original tunes and happening jams. Poetic lyrics include two from the great Sufi poet, Hafiz. The music is sometimes rocking, sometimes dreamy, always taking you on a journey. 'Tao Jam'-- music arising from the flow of the moment, following the spirit, going deep. Enjoy!

1.1 Dreamin, Dreamin
1.2 Sun in Drag
1.3 Celebrate
1.4 Grateful Live Blues
1.5 Ordinary Dreams
1.6 The Other Side
1.7 Body-Mind
1.8 Blackout
1.9 Bone Cold
1.10 Jamaican Journey
1.11 Wow!
1.12 Jah-Ma
1.13 Blessing

Tao Jam: Greetings from the Other Side

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