Target: In Range Featuring Jimi Jamison R.i.p

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Artist: Target

Artist: Target
Title: In Range Featuring Jimi Jamison R.i.p

Target was an exciting US Quintet from Memphis that featured the legendary Jimi Jameson (Cobra/Survivor) on vocals. They released two albums on A & M in 1976 (Target) and 1977 (Captured). However, it has come to light that a third album was recorded in 1979, entitled In Range before the band split in 1982. While vocalist Jimi Jamison did go on to greater heights - thanks to his stints fronting Cobra and, of course, Survivor not to mention releasing an impressive catalog of solo records - Target were the band with whom he first made the progression from playing the bars and clubs to touring as a major label act opening for the likes of Black Sabbath and Styx.

1.1 Tightwire 03:29
1.2 Love Magician 04:45
1.3 Too Much Good Lovin' 03:32
1.4 Hold Tight 03:06
1.5 Taxman 03:18
1.6 Means That Much 04:01
1.7 Come on 03:18
1.8 A Place Called Hot 03:02
1.9 Don't You Think It's Time 03:25?
1.10 Echo Tango 04:37 (Demo) Bonus Track

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