Tarmac Adam

Tarmac Adam: History Effect

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Artist: Tarmac Adam

Artist: Tarmac Adam
Title: History Effect

Tarmac Adam is the creation of Melbourne, Australia-based songwriter Matt O'Donnell and multi-instrumentalist Steve Paix. With Rueben Alexander on drums, the group is completed with Crowded House bass player, Nick Seymour. The Crowded House connection is part of the 'history effect' that colours this album. Nearly ten years ago, O'Donnell and Paix, with guitarist Sean McVitty, had the full-House rhythm section - Seymour and the late Paul Hester - performing on Tarmac's debut album Handheld Torch. 'The History Effect' is a collection of great songs in the way that fans of Nick Seymour's 'other' band will truly appreciate. It will resonate with anyone who has had their fair share of life's ups and downs. The lush musical palette of Tarmac Adam makes it a gorgeous listening experience from start to finish. But there's also a narrative thread of bittersweet reflection and hopeful longing. Just like the rear vision mirror on the cover, where we are and where we're headed is defined by where we've been. That's The History Effect. If you love to experience an album the way they were meant to be made, this is a journey you'll take again and again.

1.1 Chalk on Slate
1.2 Bygones
1.3 You As Me
1.4 Leave
1.5 Stand
1.6 Giving It Back
1.7 Seven Days
1.8 Stuck with This
1.9 Window Pane
1.10 Slide Down Slowly
1.11 Catch His Breath
1.12 Home

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