Tatam: Ghost

Tatam: Ghost
Title: Ghost
Label: CD Baby

Straight from the heart, Tatam displays a unique sound consisting of interwoven acoustic and vocal melodies, tempting the audience to lose themselves in the rich and intricate environment he creates. Born in Edmonton, Tatam spent the majority of his life with a guitar in his hands, and over the past few years, has taken his craft to a new level, developing life's light and shadow into an adventurous account of the tremulous beauty buried deep within emotion. 'Ghost' is Tatam's debut album, focusing primarily on his distinctive finger picking and vocal melodies, with tasteful instrumentation from the piano, double-bass and dobro featured on selected songs. 'Ghost' displays a colourful selection of 10 original songs, all written, performed and produced by Tatam, with help from Steve McGonigle on double-bass and Nathan Burns on dobro. The concept behind the title 'Ghost' implies how a song takes form to fill a gap in an emotional state. Whether it be joy, apprehension or sorrow, each emotion acts as an apparition, and each song describes the shape and character. Words may not always describe how we feel, but the potency of music will always move us above and beyond. 'Ghost' is a pure reflection of the heart, and a personal endeavour that etches mystery and sentiment on a canvas for all to share.

1.1 The Artist
1.2 Chasing Rabbits
1.3 Siddhartha
1.4 Listen
1.5 The Road
1.6 Lemon Song
1.7 Black Toe Blues
1.8 Serenade
1.9 Lost Lullaby
1.10 Memoir

Tatam: Ghost

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