Tatjana Rankovich

Tatjana Rankovich: Live Recordings

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Artist: Tatjana Rankovich
Title: Live Recordings

Having done many premier recordings of several great, but unknown or lesser-known 20th century works by mainly American composers, as time went on, I decided to create a new set; this time of live recordings. I searched to find and bring back to life some of my own live performances with more traditional repertoire, which always remained my first love. The performances on this CD are from several different venues and are unedited in their entirety. All three pieces on this album are some of those closest to my heart. I have a very special love affair with Schumann. I always think of the Fantasie, as his most passionate love letter to Clara. The beauty of this piece is haunting and unforgettable.

1.1 Sonata in A minor, KV 310: I. Allegro Maestoso
1.2 Sonata in A minor, KV 310: II. Andante Cantabile
1.3 Sonata in A minor, KV 310: III. Presto
1.4 Valses Nobles at Sentimentales
1.5 Fantasie in C Major, Op.17: I. Durchaus Phantastisch
1.6 Fantasie in C Major, Op.17: II. Durchaus Energisch
1.7 Fantasie in C Major, Op.17: III. Langsam Getragen

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