Taxi Taxi!

Taxi Taxi!: Still Standing at Your Backdoor

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Taxi Taxi!

Title: Still Standing at Your Backdoor
Label: Fierce Panda

2009 debut from the Swedish duo. The album consists of 10 hauntingly upbeat and sweetly vulnerable songs composed and played almost entirely by twin sisters Johanna and Miriam Eriksson Berhan, who were born in Lulea, Northern Sweden. At the age of nine, they began to play music together for the fun of it. By the time they were 15 they had two songs up on Myspace and national airplay in Sweden. Fierce Panda.

1.1 Still Standing at Your Back Door
1.2 More Childish Than in a Long Time
1.3 Old Big Trees
1.4 Same Side of the Moon
1.5 All I Think of
1.6 His Heart or Mine
1.7 While I Hold on to the Cliff
1.8 Ripest Fruit
1.9 Birdful Eyes
1.10 Mary

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