Tc Band

Tc Band: Call of the Road

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tc Band

Title: Call of the Road
Label: CD Baby

The TCBand's Call of the Road is an eclectic mix of classic rock and roll with screaming guitar solos and warm vocal harmonies. Their brand of blues-based rock is built upon strong melodies and soulful performances. Though the band displays raw power in thumping tracks such as "Call Me Naïve," they also tap into the lighter side with the bluesy ballad "Baby Bear." Guest singer/songwriter Tori Salazar joins the band for the melodic tongue-twister "Cross My I's," and the band completes the CD with a tribute to their southern heritage in "Christmas from the South." The title track is just the tip of the iceberg on this high-energy, sonic assault. Take a ride with the TCBand as they scream through eight numbers on Call of the Road. Former Nashville-based songwriter Mark Timblin comprises half of the TCBand. His experience on the music scene helps him to wear the many hats required to make the TCBand click. Not only is Timblin the acoustic guitarist, but he also sings, lays down the bass, plays keys and is responsible for recording and producing. The other cog in the band's wheel is Ted Corby. The Canadian-born Corby originally worked with Timblin on a covers project for another band. The two struck up a friendship and wondered if they could meld their diverse musical tastes into a unified sound. They began work on Call of the Road at mtsudio where Corby was asked to provide an onslaught of electric guitar as well as assisting with the vocal duties. Tori Salazar is the guest singer on "Cross My I's," which she penned for a competition in Orlando. Seven-14 bassist Jeff Davis provides the low end for Salazar's charming lament, and local legend Doc Handy lends his percussion skills on "Call Me Naïve." The band pulled in a wide array of friends for help on "Christmas from the South." Originally written by Corby and the amazing Steve Moseley, the band recruited Everett McConn to play the tubular bells and jingle bells while Timblin's Sunday school class provided additional backing vocals. Their good friend and always reliable Sammy Christian provides the drum work.

1.1 Emma Pie
1.2 Call of the Road
1.3 Baby Bear
1.4 Call Me Naive
1.5 New Song
1.6 Cross My I's
1.7 Believe
1.8 Christmas from the South

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