Tc Terry: Love of My Life

Tc Terry: Love of My Life
Title: Love of My Life
Label: CD Baby

Born on the island of Trinidad, TC Terry has been playing music professionally since 1989. His various musical styles include calypso, Soca, reggae, R&B, gospel, and more. His music career began in his native Trinidad, and in 1992, his talent carried him to the US, aboard the Palm Beach Princess, a casino cruise vessel out of the Port of Palm Beach. TC then completed three consecutive contracts on the Sea Escape, a cruise ship out of Ft. Lauderdale, before being asked to return to the Princess by popular demand. He then became a long-time resident entertainer on the ship (1996-2005) where he developed a large following. TC has performed live while cruising off Palm Beach, Florida and the West Indies, as well as in the US in various nightclubs, restaurants and bars, as well as for countless private parties, events and functions. He has composed over 200 original songs and has more than 300 cover songs in his repertoire. Proficient on rhythm guitar, his primary instrument is the keyboard, on which he is capable of doing the work of two musicians by playing two keyboards simultaneously~ melodies on one and bass lines on the other. He plays by ear, is completely self-taught, and is a natural musical talent and performer. He has the innate ability to grasp the complex intricacies of both analog and digital recording. A prolific composer, he released his first album in 2008 - an international, cross-cultural Caribbean/R&B album. He is currently working on two more projects. His second release will be a mix of Calypso & Soca. His third album is a Caribbean-style Gospel album - which will begin to take him in some new and exciting directions.

1.1 One Faith
1.2 Ah Wanna Give It to Ya
1.3 Pressure
1.4 I Can't Believe
1.5 Old Loving Feelings
1.6 Love of My Life
1.7 Say So
1.8 Another Day Without You
1.9 For the Rest of My Life
1.10 Everlasting God

Tc Terry: Love of My Life

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