Tchaikovsky / Shorin / Rybnov / Melik-Pashayev

Tchaikovsky / Shorin / Rybnov / Melik-Pashayev: Cherevichki

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Artist: Tchaikovsky / Shorin / Rybnov / Melik-Pashayev
Title: Cherevichki

1.1 Ouvertüre
1.2 How Bright the Moon
1.3 Stirring Up, Shaking Up!
1.4 Look at That, What a Snowstorm!
1.5 Can't Stop Enjoying Looking at Herself
1.6 Oh, What Do Mother and Father
1.7 So That's What He's Like! But My Father Knows What's What
1.8 What's That Noise? Father Seems to Be Here Already
1.9 If Only the People Were Smarter
1.10 Entr'acte
1.11 The Broom Got Away with the Blizzard, the Wind Howls in the Gully
1.12 It Snows Hard!
1.13 No-On'es Here?
1.14 A Woman Messed with the Devil
1.15 Hullo!
1.16 I Feel So Bad, Solokha!
1.17 A Year Has Passed, and They Call Me to Sing Carols Again
2.1 A Red Arrow-Wood Has Grown at the Paling
2.2 Why Lingering, Oksana?
2.3 Ah! Vakula! You're Here Again!
2.4 Entr'acte
2.5 It's Dark, So Dark Here
2.6 Where Have I Strayed?
2.7 Here We Are!
2.8 Reception. Polonaise
2.9 Before the Dancing Begins, Let Me, My Friends, Recite An Ode for You
2.10 Did You Have a Safe Way?
2.11 Russian Dance
2.12 Cossack Dance
2.13 A Comedy with Couplets Is About to Begin at Her Majesty's Home Theatre
2.14 Some Say He Drowned Himself, Some Say He Hung Himself
2.15 Welcome, the Dumplings Are Ready

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