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Ted Oatts: Ted Oatts

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Artist: Ted Oatts

Artist: Ted Oatts
Title: Ted Oatts

My songs are for many different genres and any audience. It's all about life's relationships! Included are love songs & love lost songs, Here's a brief review of my 1st CD -- 'Ted Oatts' 1. YOU'RE MY WOMAN. Very soulful and sensual (clean lyrics) LOVE SONG about a man who knows that "She is his Woman, and He is her Man". BB King and Clapton style guitars. Inspired by a special woman in Ohio. Buy it for your special woman and play it every time you want her to know it is all about her! 2. CRAZY. 50's-60's Elvis Style fun LOVE SONG you'll enjoy so much. I'm CRAZY for you! Inspired by a woman in Illinois. Play it again and again for the woman you are crazy about! 3. YOU CAME TO ME. A strong big ballad LOVE SONG for the one love you've been waiting for, with great duet on the second verse & chorus. Inspired by a woman I've never met...yet! Play it for the one who came to you! 4. WHY DID I BELIEVE? Michael Bolton style soulful song reflecting on a love who was unfaithful, and asking the question 'Why did I believe in you?' Inspired by ... you know. 5. GOODBYE TO YOU! Aretha Franklin style. Tired of waiting and ready to start over? You'll love this one! Big brass really lights up this song. Inspired by a woman in Massachusetts. 6. I GIVE YOU ALL MY HEART. LOVE SONG and strong ballad for a couple who have found true love in each other. Inspired by the woman I hope for. 7. THAT'S MY GIRL. "Butterfly kisses type song" - Positive touching story song from a DAD (Parent) to a DAUGHTER as she grows up and someday loves a child of her own. Inspired by my 3 daughters. 8. I'LL REMEMBER YOU. The perfect MEMORIAL SONG reflecting on a love you will always remember -- lost through death, divorce, or forever gone from your life. Looking for a tender reflective remembrance song? This one will bring tears to your eyes. Have a tissue ready! Inspired by the ones I've loved and lost. 9. GLEAH MAE. Simple Moments. Tribute song to my Mama - Gleah Mae, a hard-working divorced mother with 3 children, who tragically died in a car crash at age 39 on her way to pick up my sister from school. She had asked my younger brother to drive, when they were hit head on. A movie could be made from this tune. Inspired by my Mama. 10. JESUS. Life's real joy is not about accumulating more cash & cars. This song is about Jesus - who he is, and what he came to do. Inspired by The Good Lord.

1.1 You're My Woman
1.2 Crazy
1.3 You Came to Me
1.4 Why Did I Believe?
1.5 Goodbye to You
1.6 I Give You All My Heart
1.7 That's My Girl
1.8 I'll Remember You
1.9 Gleah Mae (Simple Moments)
1.10 Jesus

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