Tedashii: Below Paradise

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Artist: Tedashii

Artist: Tedashii
Title: Below Paradise

As a cornerstone for independent label Reach Records, Tedashii brings something fresh to the hip-hop game. Known for his raw delivery and deep lyrical content, the Houston native has sold over 120,000 albums to date, garnered over 8 million cumulative views on YouTube and was featured on Lecrae's Grammy award winning album GRAVITY. BELOW PARADISE, Tedashii's highly anticipated fourth studio album sheds new light on what life is really like on this side of eternity. After taking time off to grieve the loss of his son, Tedashii explores the meaning of triumph and hope amidst a life filled with patterns of pain and loss. He presses in with the listener to the reality of suffering, deep and true joy, the bite of life and the false expectations we carry.

1.1 Below Paradise
1.2 Perfect
1.3 Dark Days, Darker Nights
1.4 Nothing I Can't Do
1.5 Catch Me If You Can
1.6 Paradise
1.7 Fire Away
1.8 Be with You
1.9 Back to You (Interlude)
1.10 Angels and Demons
1.11 My God
1.12 Love Never Leaves
1.13 Complicated
1.14 Chase

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