Teenage Frames: More Songs Less Music

Teenage Frames: More Songs Less Music
Title: More Songs Less Music
Label: CD Baby

'Think Ramones with better song structure or New York Dolls with Iggy on vocals' - TransAction 'The Teenage Frames are masters...a f**cking great punk band if there ever was one. Their debut CD More Songs, Less Music is a treasure trove of underground garage pop that has defined 'cool' since the '50's' - Old Punks Web Zine 'Teenage Frames play Midwest American punk-pop with an urgency and rawness that is absolutely inspiring. They've got the roots down straight and play unpretentious, fast loud, and smart alecky.' - Flipside 'More Songs is like an encyclopedia of punk from both sides of the big pond...each cut is dynamic, sinewy, and downright hummable.' - Illinois Entertainer '...a band executing a brash schoolyard-tough brand of electric rock with a cohesive and intelligent style. The overall sound is comparable to The Clash or The Kinks, but what separates these smart-asses from today's alterna-pack is that they're not just another retro garage band who delivers angst atop vocal and instrumental blathering. - Ace Magazine '[More Songs, Less Music] displayed a refreshingly snotty attitude that replaced the cynicism and depression of the rest of the punk nation with humor, with and a 'who gives a shit?' shrug.' - Extra Raw 'Songs like 'Bullet, Kill, Kill, Kill' and 'Boy With the Laidback Look' drip with such a gloriously campy, sneering attitude it helps separate them from the growing rubbish heap of bland major-label pop punk bands.' - New City.

1.1 Who's Got the Action?
1.2 We Hate It When We're Well Respected
1.3 Leave Home
1.4 Boy with the Laidback Look
1.5 Plastic Living
1.6 Bullet, Kill, Kill, Kill
1.7 Something's Got the Give
1.8 Fan of the Banter
1.9 Down with the Kids
1.10 It's Not My Fault
1.11 I Just Want to Be Happy
1.12 Son of Another Family
1.13 Losing It
1.14 The Lemon Drop

Teenage Frames: More Songs Less Music

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