Telemann / La Stagione Frankfurt / Cologne Camera

Telemann / La Stagione Frankfurt / Cologne Camera: Complete Wind Concertos

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Product Type: CD

Title: Complete Wind Concertos
Label: Cpo Records

Georg Philipp Telemann wrote instrumental concertos for all the wind instruments of his epoch. Being able to play most of these instruments as well, he wrote extremely idiomatic parts showing each instrument in a favorable light while spontaneously appealing to the instrumentalist. The concertos themselves exhibit a wealth of varied (and often unusual) ensemble formations, concerto practices and forms. In any case, a one-of-kind cosmos of performance joy and fantasy spreads out in the Italian, French, German, and Polish styles, and it was because of it's uniqueness that CPO set out to record, and make available on 8CDs, the complete Telemann wind concertos with La Stagione and the Camerata Köln. Delving into this finely sensitive music rewards listeners richly, enabling understanding of why Telemann's contemporaries regarded him as an outstanding musical personality.

1.1 I. Spirituoso, Ma Non Presto
1.2 II. Largo
1.3 III. Allegro
1.4 IV. Largo
1.5 V. Allegro Assai
1.6 I. Largo
1.7 II. Allegro
1.8 III. Largo
1.9 IV. Presto
1.10 I. Adagio
1.11 II. Allegro
1.12 III. Adagio
1.13 IV. Allegro
1.14 I. Allegro
1.15 II. Siciliana
1.16 III. Bourrée
1.17 IV. Menuet - Trio
1.18 I. Dolce E Staccato
1.19 II. Alla Breve
1.20 III. Largo
1.21 IV. Vivace
2.1 I. Allegretto
2.2 II. Allegro
2.3 III. Andante
2.4 IV. Tempo Di Minuet
2.5 I. Grave
2.6 II. Allegro
2.7 III. Affettuoso
2.8 IV. Vivace
2.9 I. Andante
2.10 II. Allegro
2.11 III. Adagio
2.12 IV. Vivace
2.13 I. Largo - Allegro
2.14 II. Vivace
2.15 III. Affettuoso
2.16 IV. Allegro
2.17 I. Allegro
2.18 II. Largo E Piano
2.19 III. Vivace

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