Telesma: Ohm

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Artist: Telesma

Artist: Telesma
Title: Ohm

Blending ancient and modern instrumentation and spirit, Baltimore-based Telesma bridges the gap between primal and futuristic, setting itself apart from other bands in the music scene with their intoxicating sound and extra-ordinary live performances. Telesma's unique sound, that has been labeled 'electro-acoustic psychedelic world dance music', is driven by the primal voices of the didgeridoo (one of the oldest instruments in the world, 40,000 years), the kubing (bamboo mouth harp), tribal drums and percussion, and the human voice. These elements are fused with modern instruments including keyboards, guitar, bass, theremin, samplers, modern drums, and the unique homemade 'manDrum' to create a trance-like pulse not unlike that heard in modern electronic dance music. Stylistic elements that the band draws from include Middle Eastern and African drumming, Indian raga and kirtan, electronica (house, drum & bass, techno), psychedelic and hard rock, jazz, improvisational and dance music, as well as many fusions of those styles. The debut full length album 'O(h)M' is a journey through time and space, exploring the connection between the primative mind and modern technology.

1.1 Egyptian Sun
1.2 Give
1.3 Amor Fati
1.4 Immanence
1.5 Nyatribe
1.6 Polarize
1.7 Chapel Perilous
1.8 Synesthesia
1.9 Waking Serpent
1.10 Penumbra
1.11 O(H)M

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