Tenebrae / O.S.T.

Tenebrae / O.S.T.: Tenebrae (Original Soundtrack)

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Artist: Tenebrae / O.S.T.
Title: Tenebrae (Original Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Waxwork Records is thrilled to present the complete soundtrack vinyl release of Dario Argento's Tenebrae. Scored by three former members of GOBLIN in 1982 (Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli, and Massimo Morante), the synth driven score makes it's definitive and expanded vinyl debut. Waxwork is excited to offer the most comprehensive version of the soundtrack album on vinyl to one of the most important Giallo films ever made. Unlike the soundtracks that Goblin had previously contributed to the films by Dario Argento, the music of Tenebrae incorporates heavy electronica and dance music blended with rock and disco elements for a unique hybrid of genre and composition style. Extensive usage of early analog Roland, Oberheim, and Moog synthesizers and drum machines paired with electric bass, acoustic drums and piano were utilized by the wildly talented progressive rock trio to form a sonic template unlike anything offered before it. The soundtrack has gone on to garner a wave of popularity by being re-released and remixed many times over. Waxwork Records is proud to present the re-mastered, complete soundtrack pressed to 180 gram colored vinyl and housed in deluxe packaging featuring die-cut old style gatefold jackets, art by Nikita Kaun, printed inner sleeves, and more.

1.1 Tenebrae
1.2 Gemini
1.3 Slow Circus
1.4 Lesbo
1.5 Flashing
1.6 Tenebrae (Reprise)
1.7 Waiting Death
1.8 Jane Mirror Theme
1.9 Flashing (Film Version)
1.10 Gemini (Film Version Suite)
1.11 Flashing (Intro Film Version)
1.12 Gemini (Alternate Film Version Suite)
1.13 Jane Mirror Theme (Film Version)
1.14 Tenebrae (Alternate Film Version)
1.15 Slow Circus (Film Version Suite)
1.16 Lesbo (Film Version)
1.17 Tenebrae (Special Effects Bonus Track 1)
1.18 Tenebrae Remix (Bonus Track 2)
1.19 Flashing Remix (Bonus Track 3)

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