Tensui: Avalokitesvara

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Artist: Tensui

Artist: Tensui
Title: Avalokitesvara

* TENSUInew CD Avalokitesvara / written by Fali Singala -All India Radio DJ in Mumbai India - Japan's biggest export to world music is back with a new album... When comparisons to Beatle George Harrison and India's Ravi Shankar are made, it's only because Tensui deserving of such praise. The sitar legends last album Return To Zero was a soulful and haunting collage of new age beats & Indian classical music, inspired by the devasting earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan in 2011. In his lastest effort Avalokitesvara Tensui continues the journey he began in Return To Zero, to discover what happens to souls of the lost & parted of the tragedy. At the end of the ruin and devastion, there is a new beginning at the other end. The Maitreya is reborn again on Earth as a human being, and this new Buddha shall bring enlightement once again during this low point of human existence. In the village of the Kannon Bodhisattva, the Maitreya meets Avalokitesvara, the Eleven Faced Lord Gazing on the World; the bodhisattva of compassion. Join the two, as they set out on a journey, to discover the the path of salvation. Through his hypnotic sitar playing fused with the beats of synth electronica, India & the Far East, Tensui will show where the soul goes to once it attains nirvana. Namo Shyakamuni; your senses will never be the same again after listening to Avalokitesvara. TRACK LISTING #1- Samsara / ??(Dur 13m 30s) #2- Destruction And Creation / ?????(Dur 8m 30s) (Based on Indian Classical Peice Raga Shivaranjani) #3- Maitreya Wishes / ?????????(Dur 10m 48s) (Based On Indian Classical Piece Raga Jhinjoti) #4- Gnossienne / ??(Dur 4m 04s) (Erik Satie Classical Piece Cover 1890) #5- Avalokitesvara / ????(Dur 25m 23s) #6- Gymnopedie / ??(Dur 3m 30s) (Erik Satie Classical Piece Cover 1888) ALBUM CREDITS: Tensui: sitar, surbahar, composer. (Facebook search: Tensui Dotmusic) Nanten: arrange, mixing, mastering. (Facebook search: Nanten FB-page) Shione: crystalbowl, metallophone, voice of sutra. (Facebook search: Sumie Tamai Recorded at Atelier-Jinkouan and Nanten-studio, JAPAN. All songs & music produced by Tensui /Copyright Jinkouan 2014. * ??????= 3.11???????????~ ???????????????????????????~ ?????2?????????? Worldwide Records India ??????????Return To Zero?? ??????????????? ????????????????? ??????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????/???? {???}???????????????????????? ??????????????????? ~?????????? ??????????????????????????? ???????·?????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????~?? ?????~ ?????????????~ ????????????????????? * ??CD?????·???????????·??????(???)????????~ ???Japanese Temples and their Treasures (The Shinbi Shoin 1915)? ???Imperial Japanese Commission to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition? ?????????????2??????????????(=?????????)???? ???????????????????????????????? WEB??=?????????????????

1.1 Samsara
1.2 Destruction and Creation
1.3 Maitreya Wishes
1.4 Gnossienne
1.5 Avalokitesvara
1.6 Gymnopedie

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