Teresa Brewer

Teresa Brewer: Greatest Hits in Stereo & Dont Mess with Tess

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Teresa Brewer

Artist: Teresa Brewer
Title: Greatest Hits in Stereo & Dont Mess with Tess

This CD combines the 1962 LP 'Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits', an album of stereo re-recordings of her Top Ten hits from the 1950s, and 'Don't Mess with Tess', an album of standards, all on CD for the first time. Teresa Brewer was a popular artist of the 1950s and 1960s who sold millions of records. Of the eight Top Ten hits Teresa scored in the 1950s including two chart-toppers ("Music, Music, Music" and "Till I Waltz Again with You") all were recorded in mono. She re-recorded seven in stereo for her "Greatest Hits" album in 1962 and amazingly that album has never been on CD until now. Also featured on this CD is 'Don't Mess with Tess', another stereo album making it's CD debut in which Teresa sings standards. Four bonus tracks from singles have been added and are all re-mastered and in stereo.

1.1 Music, Music, Music
1.2 A Tear Fell
1.3 A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl
1.4 Till I Waltz Again with You
1.5 Let Me Go, Lover
1.6 Pledging My Love
1.7 Ricochet
1.8 Empty Arms
1.9 If You Want Some Lovin'
1.10 The Ballad of Lover's Hill
1.11 Bo Weevil
1.12 You Send Me
1.13 Don't Mess with Tess
1.14 You Came a Long Way from St. Louis
1.15 Take Love Easy
1.16 Kiddio (Daddio)
1.17 An Occasional Man
1.18 Down with Love
1.19 Some of These Days
1.20 I Cried for You
1.21 When You Walked Out Some One Else Walked Right in

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