Teresa Brewer

Teresa Brewer: Miss Versatility - 3 LPs: When The Lover Has Gone/Songs Everybody Knows/Dixieland Band and 45s

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Artist: Teresa Brewer

Artist: Teresa Brewer
Title: Miss Versatility - 3 LPs: When The Lover Has Gone/Songs Everybody Knows/Dixieland Band and 45s

UK two CD collection. Miss Versatility features three of Teresa's finest albums: Teresa Brewer and the Dixieland Band, When Your Lover Has Gone and Songs Everybody Knows all in glorious stereo. Includes the hits "Hula Hoop Song", "How Do You Know It's Love", "Anymore", "When Do You Love Me", "Pickle Up a Doodle", and "Venetian Sunset" to name a few. This is another fantastic tribute to the great lady and will make a wonderful inclusion for her many fans. If you happen to be one of the uninitiated then you simply must check out "America's Singing Sweetheart" and we guarantee that you will be unable to stop tapping your toes.

1.1 Silver Dollar
1.2 Baby, Baby, Baby
1.3 There's's Nothing As Lonesome As a Saturday Night
1.4 Whirlpool
1.5 I Think the World of You
1.6 Saturday Dance
1.7 Pickle Up a Doodle
1.8 The Rain Falls on Everybody
1.9 Hula Hoop Song
1.10 So Shy
1.11 The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart)
1.12 Satelitte
1.13 Jingle Bell Rock
1.14 I Like Christmas
1.15 63 Sailors in Grand Central Station
1.16 Heavenly Lover
1.17 Fairweather Sweetheart
1.18 Bye Bye Baby Goodbye
1.19 Chain of Friendship
1.20 If You Like-A-Me
1.21 The Dixieland Band
1.22 Georgia on My Mind
1.23 Everybody Loves My Baby
1.24 Basin Street Blues
1.25 When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
1.26 Alabama Jubilee
1.27 Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
1.28 When It's Sleepy Time Down South
1.29 Is It True What They Say About Dixie
1.30 Weary Blues
1.31 Mississippi Mud
1.32 When the Saints Go Marching in
1.33 When Your Lover Has Gone
1.34 Maybe You'll Be There
1.35 I Had the Craziest Dream
1.36 Darn That Dream
1.37 Baby, Don't Be Mad at Me
1.38 A Faded Summer Love
1.39 Mixed Emotions
1.40 You Go to My Head
1.41 More Than You Know
1.42 Music, Maestro, Please!
1.43 Time Out for Tears
1.44 Fools Rush in
1.45 Walking the Floor Over You
1.46 Have You Ever Been Lonely
1.47 Mockin' Bird Hill
1.48 Mexicalli Rose
1.49 Anymore
1.50 My Happiness
1.51 Jealous Heart
1.52 Half As Much
1.53 When Do You Love Me
1.54 Your Cheatin' Heart
1.55 San Antonio Rose
1.56 Jamabalaya
1.57 Peace of Mind
1.58 Venetian Sunset
1.59 How Do You Know It's Love
1.60 If There Are Stars in My Eyes
1.61 That Piano Man

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