Teresa Storch

Teresa Storch: Come Clean

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Artist: Teresa Storch

Artist: Teresa Storch
Title: Come Clean

Come Clean was Produced by Teresa Storch and Philip Parker Recorded and Mixed by Philip Parker at Phil's house (Boulder) and Mountain House studio (Nederland), with additional help from Jamie Mefford at Global Sound Studios Mastered by Dom Matia at Airshow Mastering (Boulder), and Dana White at Specialized Mastering (Portland, OR) Except ABIGAIL and LET ME REMEMBER IT: Recorded by Rob Ignazio at Sherwood Forest Studio (Bedford, MA) Mixed by Ben Wisch (NYC) The Players: Teresa Storch - Vocals, backup vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm electric guitar, shakers Philip Parker - Cello, Hammond B-3, slide guitar, guitar fills, harmonica, tambourine, all kinds of magic! Gayan Gregory Long - Drums Garrett Sanger - Upright bass, electric bass James Han - Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond B-3 Bridget Law - Violin Scott Aruda - B-flat Trumpet John Aruda - Tenor Saxophone Tim Lewandowski - Trombone Rob Galloway - 5-string fretless bass (Happy Girl) Peter Lacis - Electric guitar (Make It Last, This World) Johann Wagner - Electric guitar (Before I Go Home) Andrew Pressman - Upright bass (Make You Mine) Jonathan Byrd - Acoustic guitar, backup vocals (Make You Mine) Chris Kokesh - Violin (Make You Mine, Paris) John Meiras - Backup vocals (Make You Mine) John Gray - Tenor Saxophone (Before I Go Home, Make It Last) Matt Giannaros - Upright bass (Abigail, Let Me Remember It) Chris Anzalone - Drums (Abigail) Stephe Clements - Percussion (Abigail) Laurence Scudder - Viola (Abigail, Let Me Remember It) Robert Baughman - Piano (Let Me Remember It) David Glaser - Mandolin (Abigail) Lloyd Thayer - Dobro (Abigail) Barbara Kessler - Backup Vocals (Abigail)

1.1 Come Clean
1.2 Still
1.3 Happy Girl
1.4 Abigail
1.5 Before I Go Home
1.6 Paris
1.7 Make It Last
1.8 Make You Mine
1.9 Sympathy
1.10 This World
1.11 Let Me Remember It

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