Teresa Vu

Teresa Vu: Songs of Endless Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Teresa Vu

Title: Songs of Endless Love
Label: CD Baby

In this fifth album of our CD rainbow series, we come full circle by returning to the beginning, when we 'Sing a New Song to the Lord.' Our songs are new in melodies, but repeat the 'age-old' message of 'God loves us and we are called to love Him and others in return.' Love is the reason for Christ to 'take flesh, to dwell among us, to suffer, to die, and rise again.' Love is the center of our faith, the purpose of our lives and the reward at the end of our earthly existence. Everlasting life is but love in it's most beautiful expression.

1.1 Songs of Endless Love
1.2 By the Sea of Galilee
1.3 All the Way to Glory
1.4 Lord of Heaven and Earth
1.5 Endless Love
1.6 Let the Son Shine on
1.7 Out of the Darkness
1.8 Come Climb the Mountain
1.9 Forever a Great Light
1.10 Heaven Awaits
1.11 Who Do You Say That I Am
1.12 If You Have Jesus Christ

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