Terra Rossa

Terra Rossa: Wandering

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Artist: Terra Rossa

Artist: Terra Rossa
Title: Wandering

The Terra Rossa ensemble represents a new generation of musicians in Jerusalem, and in Israel in general, and has influenced the culture in Jerusalem and created a new genre. The original music is composed by Yishai Ben-Yaacov and the arrangements are a combined effort of the whole ensemble, both are deeply influenced by the different musical cultures of the east and the west. The music aims to create a unique and refreshing dialogue between the artists' different traditions and cultures, and seeks to find the simple truth which unites them all. The name of the ensemble is derived from the rich fertile red soil that is very common in the hills of Jerusalem - known as 'Terra Rossa'. This is the first CD by Terra Rossa the ensemble which was founded in 2007 by Yishai Ben-Yaacov.

1.1 Song of the Woods
1.2 Come Melody
1.3 Intro
1.4 The House at the Edge of the Path
1.5 Cana'anite Suite
1.6 Autumn
1.7 Over the River
1.8 Wherever You Go
1.9 Bonboni
1.10 Longing for Rain
1.11 Sweet Dreams
1.12 Good Night

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