Terri Langerak

Terri Langerak: Zen Breakfast

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Terri Langerak

Title: Zen Breakfast
Label: CD Baby

Terri Langerak Press quotes 'Terri Langerak's exquisite harp truly stands out. How lucky St. Louis is to have a singing, plucking (and plucky!) harpist. 'Center of the River' finds Terri striking a great balance between the bass line on one hand, the luscious glissandos of the upper octaves on the other hand, and a nice, unforced vocal in the middle. 'Ravensong' evokes a wintry mood, almost commanding you to pour a glass of lightly chilled wine, dim the lights and lose yourself in the music. Even though it's summer, the track evokes a satisfying autumnal chill. Terri's ability on the harp is well-known, and is a local treasure.' Kevin Renick, NoisyPaper Every aspect of Terri's music stands alone as prolific, intelligent and rich with human experience. As if playing one of the most unusual instruments around wasn't enough, Terri adds to her songs a beautiful voice and a tremendous ability to write thought provoking and inspired songs. While her intricate harp playing is truly a sight to behold, her words are no less expertly fashioned. Her voice is both earthy and smooth and floats nicely beside the intricacies of her well trained fingers.' Jeff Shaw, Host of The Pony Expresso Cafe' Expression Sessions, and producer of 'Suite 16', a compilation CD of 16 St. Louis female original artists. 'When you think of the Harp, do you think of angels? Soft classical/new age music? Serenity in Heaven, floating on a cloud? Think again! St. Louis Harpist/Singer/Songwriter, Terri Langerak, plays her electric concert harp like you've never imagined it could be played. Audiences love her rich and mellow bluesy voice, coupled with amazing and spontaneous harp playing.' Kendra Kermann, CRC @ Borders' Books and Music, Creve Coeur, MO. 'Terri's voice and harp tap into the soul of us all. Whether it's the heavenly notes you might normally associate with the instrument, or the notes of anger/hurt as she bends them to the 'bluesy' format that distinguishes her from the usual ideas you have when you hear that she's 'a harpist'. In fact, her work on electric harp has opened up a whole new world of sounds and emotions for me as a listener that can only be heard to be experienced! There's nothing 'usual' about Terri, as she covers the gamit of topics from her 'ode to the organic farmer', to the plaintive plea of a love 'gone cold', to the tale of an extraterrestrial, to the recurring theme throughout her work of yearning for the oneness of everything! To that end, she's not just a Women's Artist, though she's a woman; any more than she's not just a harpist, though it's her instrument of choice (and there is some debate on whether she chose or was chosen...)' Clint Harding (the Voice of Saturday morning radio...), Blue Highways, KDHX, St. Louis. 'The first and only harp player to grace the Acoustic Night stage! A 'Suite 16' member, she plays professionally around town in various venues, plucking and strumming glorious and entrancing tones from the classic instrument, much like an artist who paints with sounds. Meshed perfectly with sensitive, intimate vocals, her loving and unique range of songs become a melodic feast for the ears.' Kentaro Sugiyama, Singer/Songwriter and Presenter for the 'Acoustic Night Concert Series'

1.1 Teamind
1.2 Ain't Trippin'
1.3 Center of the River
1.4 Dreams Full of Lies
1.5 Jo from Zo
1.6 Please Stay
1.7 Tonight
1.8 Ravensong
1.9 Trees
1.10 Emergence
1.11 A Way
1.12 Reach for the Moon

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