Terry Breen

Terry Breen: Piano Prayers

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Artist: Terry Breen

Artist: Terry Breen
Title: Piano Prayers

Echoes of ragtime, jazz, and classical music floating above a steady modern beat - this describes Terry Breen's original piano music. 'One fan told me that it sounds like J. S. Bach playing Scott Joplin,' says Terry. 'My music helps people get relaxed and refreshed. I don't know exactly why that is, but it doesn't surprise me when people tell me that - because to relax and refresh myself is why I compose and perform this music.' 'Music is made up of vibrations that affect the vibrations that make up every person, and somehow the music I compose has a peaceful influence on those vibrations. It seems to have a universal appeal - to people of all ages and backgrounds. The result is people smiling and, on occasion, tapping a foot or two. That certainly makes me feel good as a composer and pianist. 'During one of my shows at a Chicago-area restaurant, a customer came up to me and said: 'Your music was the best part of my meal.' I guess I can't ask for a higher compliment than that - because I hope my music can help people feel a bit better in their day-to-day lives. I hope that my music helps people get in tune with all the good things in life. The reason I call my compositions 'piano prayers' is that each tune is a prayer for a better world.'

1.1 Balance
1.2 Peace
1.3 Harmony
1.4 Play
1.5 Forgiveness
1.6 Joy
1.7 Kindness
1.8 Gratitude
1.9 Love
1.10 Courage
1.11 Wonder
1.12 Faith
1.13 Honesty
1.14 Tenderness
1.15 Hope

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