Terry Daun

Terry Daun: Taking Flight

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Artist: Terry Daun

Artist: Terry Daun
Title: Taking Flight

Taking Flight TERRY DAUN Looking for a little variety? Well, this album has a little of everything, from hard rock to jazz, and ambient, there is something for everyone. From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007) He says his music is psychedelic... It's mostly a jazz/rock fusion sort of thing in the vein of Alan Holdsworth, Jan Hammer, Jean-Luc Ponty etc. Just listen to tracks like "My Watch", "She Speaks" or "Seedz". Terry's other influences include Rundgren, Zappa and Jeff Beck, for example. I do enjoy his more ambient pieces, though, and some of them are a bit psychedelic. A good example is the peaceful and hypnotic "Logan Ran" that is actually very enjoyable as well as the mystical "Not Far". There is also a bit heavier stuff in there with some electric guitar. The bit darker "April" reminds me of Space Mirrors and is quite okay. "Tax" features a heavy guitar riff, sequences and a great guitar solo by a guy named Jose Diaz. "Psycho" begins in a minimal mood and has some exciting synth stuff to create a bit psychedelic atmosphere. Reviewed by Santtu Laakso Congratulations Terry Daun! Listeners on American Idol Underground have rated your song 'Seedz' among the top 50 tracks in the Electronica genre during the previous week. (May'07) Khiki Kavan. Limelight Radio Show Terry Daun "She Speaks". This track is an instrumental with a jazz feel. It is well layered... It has the feel of some of the older instrumental tracks I would imagine on bands such as Rush or Yes' albums. It's also pretty trippy, so give it a listen!

1.1 Taking Flight
1.2 Tax
1.3 Psycho
1.4 My Watch
1.5 She Speaks
1.6 Not Much
1.7 Seedz
1.8 Logan Ran
1.9 Wind Blown
1.10 April
1.11 Why Not
1.12 Guitars
1.13 For Michael
1.14 Not Far
1.15 Freight

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