Terry Lieberstein

Terry Lieberstein: Turkey Burps & T-Ball

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Artist: Terry Lieberstein
Title: Turkey Burps & T-Ball

Parents, you'll never get tired of these fun, touching and thoughtful original tunes. As well as being a children's musician, Terry Lieberstein performs as a solo folksinger/songwriter, as a cantorial soloist, and with her women's a cappella group, HeartFire. Terry is also a speaker, educator and consultant who embraces a range of eclectic subjects, including environmental education, spiritual training and growth, metaphysics, grief recovery, and ethnomusicology.

1.1 Hoe-Down
1.2 My Dungarees
1.3 For Our Sakes
1.4 T-Ball
1.5 Hey Mom
1.6 Dreamaway Land
1.7 Turkey Burp Blues
1.8 I'm Gonna Stay Up Forever
1.9 The Stonecutter
1.10 You're My Angel
1.11 Felicia

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