Terry Nash: December Stragglers

Terry Nash: December Stragglers
Title: December Stragglers
Label: CD Baby

"December Stragglers" is a new collection of Cowboy Stories and Poetry, released in January, 2013. If you already know Terry's work, you will again enjoy his handy-work as he winds the hills and trails with tails and music. If you're new to Terry's work, you're missing out as he's among the best. December Stragglers is available directly through Terry, and soon to be found on iTunes. Give him a holler and pick up a copy... Terry Nash 1278 N Road, Loma, CO 81524 e-mail: tknzoo@acsol.net (970) 261-6037.

1.1 December Stragglers
1.2 Rancho in the Rain
1.3 Cowman's Lot
1.4 When They've Finished Shipping Cattle in the Fall
1.5 An Old Western Town
1.6 The Married Man
1.7 Bear Ropin' Buckaroo
1.8 Rendezvous
1.9 Waitin' on the Drive
1.10 Black Draught
1.11 Windmill
1.12 Drylander's Christmas
1.13 Christmas Tradin'

Terry Nash: December Stragglers

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