Terry O'Connel & His Pilots

Terry O'Connel & His Pilots: If You Give Me One More Try

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Artist: Terry O'Connel & His Pilots
Title: If You Give Me One More Try
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing of this 2014 single. Terry O'Connel and His Pilots play rockabilly music with touches of Swing, Rhythm 'n' Blues and Country music. They have an authentic but original sound, that mixes together a variety of influences into a groovy blend. One second you may hear an explosive rockabilly beat, just to get a jazzy break thrown in without warning. After first coming together in Sweden in 2008, the band has went through several incarnations. By the end of 2010 when bass player Anders joined, everything fell into place. They quickly found their footing on the Rockabilly scene.

1.1 Hot Rod Mama
1.2 If You Give Me One More Try
1.3 Let My Sorrow Roam Free
1.4 Let's Cut to the Chase
1.5 Rag Top
1.6 Your Hips

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