Tet-Quart: Silencio

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Artist: Tet-Quart

Artist: Tet-Quart
Title: Silencio

Tet-Quart was formed in 2007 with the goal of giving free rein to the creative talent of four musicians usually related to Madrid's jazz scene. Craftsmen of high quality jazz fusion, they find their inspiration in great bands of the genre like Weather Report, Yellowjackets, Pat Metheny Group or Metro. Recorded late 2009 in less than two days, Silencio is Tet-Quart's first CD, a fresh and cohesive work created from original compositions and arrangements. It features beauty in 'Memento' and solemnity in 'Paciencia' (Patience), fire in 'Un lugar en la vida' (A Place In Life) and seriousness in 'Vida en Bolivia' (Life in Bolivia), forcefulness in 'Viaje al otro mundo' (Travel To The Other World), complexity in 'Islands', hope in 'Volver a casa' (Back Home) and even an invitation to reflect in 'Perfume' (Perfume).

1.1 Un Lugar en la Vida
1.2 Islands
1.3 Volver a Casa
1.4 Traición
1.5 Vida en Bolivia
1.6 Perfume
1.7 Memento
1.8 Icaria
1.9 Viaje Al Otro Mundo
1.10 Paciencia

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