Tex Cruikshank

Tex Cruikshank: Merry Christmas Is Near

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tex Cruikshank

Title: Merry Christmas Is Near
Label: CD Baby

Most of the great Christmas songs we listen to were recorded in the 30's and 40's. A few made it in the 50's. In the 60's, Andy William's 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year' and Burl Ives' 'It's a Holly Jolly Christmas' were really the last tunes to join the pantheon of traditional Christmas classics. There have been a few so-called Christmas hits since but they were more novelty songs than anything else. This original tune, 'Merry Christmas is Near' changes all this. It really sings out 'Merry Christmas' instead of just saying 'happy holidays.' Stand-up bass, piano, drums, horns, and violins really swing, creating a warm, magical Christmas world. The melody is so rich and the lyrics are so inviting that it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with the song upon the first listen! Everyone who hears it agrees this tune is destined to eventually take it's place along-side the other great traditional Christmas classics, it is just a matter of time. So add 'Merry Christmas is Near' to your very own Christmas music mix this year then sit back with a little eggnog and swing along to this wonderful performance every Yuletide from now on! Enjoy the happy reactions of friends and family alike when you turn them on to this wonderful musical experience that reminds us all what this special time of the year is really about. It reminds us that indeed, the warmth of Christmas is always just around the corner. In today's hectic world we can use some of that good old Christmas spirit right now! Thanks so much for reading and listening and please remember, 'Merry Christmas is Near' not just this year, but every year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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