Textual: Dirty South Still Life

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Artist: Textual

Artist: Textual
Title: Dirty South Still Life

Dirty South Still Life is the 2nd Official release by Textual. This record was originally released as a vinyl only LP in July of 2005 by Organik Recordings, and a CD followed in July 2006. This record is a natural progression from the sounds on Hindsight Sunglasses. The music on this record is more song oriented while still remaining abstract at times within the constantly evolving musical pieces. Vocals are introduced for the 1st time on a Textual record not as a sonic texture but as a focal point on the song 'What is False Can Now Be True'. The vocals were written and performed by Rain Phoenix.

1.1 In Echo Park
1.2 Benzodiabolic Suite No. 1: Enunciate Vs. Phonate
1.3 Benzodiabolic Suite No. 2: Simplex Vs. Complex
1.4 Benzodiabolic Suite No. 3: Automate Vs. Medicate
1.5 Dirty South Still Life
1.6 Dirty South Still Life [Screwed and Chopped Mix]
1.7 In Reference to What Is False
1.8 Cash-Rich, Porn Hungry Killbillies with Filthy Feet Are Taking Over
1.9 Welcome to Narita
1.10 Welcome to Narita [MR. Bambu's Roundeye Remix]
1.11 What Is False Can Now Be True
1.12 What Is False Can Now Be True [Machinedrum Remix]
1.13 Welcome to Narita [Textual Roundeye Remix]

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