The 3 Pieces

The 3 Pieces: Iwishcan Williams

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: The 3 Pieces

Title: Iwishcan Williams
Label: Rogue Cat Resounds
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Washington collective, The 3 Pieces, privately-pressed Iwishcan William on their own DL Records in 1982. The 12 has Discogs, for one, confused. Is it soul, rap, jazz, go-go, funk, electro, or educational? By nature of it's birthplace and date of birth, it's all of those. Synths shimmer in harp-like glissando. The bass grumbles, rumbles, machine-made. The beat pops and locks. The whole thing grooving and exuding positivity. One part the cosmic funk of say Cloud One's Patty Duke. Another, the balearic chug of Will Powers' Adventures In Success. Like Brother D it looks to 'agitate, educate, and organize', and stirs in the sentiments of Razzy's I Hate Hate. Imagine if the Last Poets jammed with sister Sarah Webster Fabio. Keys parp like car horns, a real trumpet blows a Don Cherry solo, but the track really revolves around it's sweet Sesame Street call-and-response chorus: 'I wish love. I can love. I will love. I am love.' Swiss gentleman DJ and Phantom Island resident, Lexx, produces a killer remix - smoothing out the OG's jerky edges, upping it's sophistication. Making clear the contributions of Lexx' new bubbling electronics. Rescuing a clipped guitar, previously lost deep in the mix, and moving the children's voices to the fore. Ensuring you'll remember that 'I am' is the glory of a wish come true.' Idjut Boy Dan Tyler then ties up the package, well he actually kinda sends it out into space - expanding everything in echo. NYC Peech Boys-esque delay. The result is a mind-blowing, psychedelic, almost ambient, Larry Levan-like, Paradise Garage dub. Where fragments of song fly at you from four corners. Trippily pan from left to right. The horn blasts now paying tribute to King Tubby's Hi-Fi. Francois Kevorkian going bang! All carefully mastered with love from the original master tapes by Sam Berdah at The Wall studios.

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