The Amenta

The Amenta: Revelator

$34.38 $39.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Amenta

Title: Revelator
Label: Debemur Morti Prod.
Product Type: VINYL LP

Seven years after the critically acclaimed Flesh Is Heir, whose vanguard approach brought to life a mesmerizing mixture of industrial and death metal, Debemur Morti Productions present the fourth The Amenta opus, namely Revelator. As depicted in the cover artwork, the heart of the Australian extreme metal innovators might be crooked, but full of energy and a will to transcend and further expand the limits of the metal genre. The Amenta have, therefore, used their 7-year hiatus to methodically deconstruct and reimagine their already distinctive core sound: incorporating maximalist industrial black metal ballast, disturbingly cinematic ambient/noise textures, treated violin, dread acoustics and circuit-bent electronics into a labyrinthine set of infectious hymns to societal collapse which juxtapose dreamlike moments of strange calm with sensory overload, savage discord and unease.

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