The Anti-Nowhere League: Albums 1981-1987

The Anti-Nowhere League: Albums 1981-1987
Title: Albums 1981-1987
Label: Cherry Red

Four CD set from the British punk legends. This set gathers up Anti Nowhere League's first three albums and a disc of non-LP B-sides and rarities from between 1981-87. Disc One was the band's debut album which topped the Indie Chart in 1982 and also made #24 in the UK National Chart and features the Indie Chart topping 45 'Streets Of London'. Disc Two is the seminal Live In Yugoslavia which as well as reaching the lower regions of the National Chart also hit #2 in the Independent Chart. Disc Three features the rare Perfect Crime album. The fourth disc contains Indie Chart toppers 'Woman' and 'Let's Break The Law' plus the Top 5 'For You' as well as 'So What' which was later covered by Metallica! The Rarities disc also includes six sought after mid-'80s demos and alternative mixes of cuts such as 'Animal', 'Woman' and 'World War III'. Each disc comes in a cardboard wallet with it's original LP art and the clam shell box also contains a 20 page booklet featuring pictures of all the records, rare photos of the band and detailed liner notes.

1.1 We're the League
1.2 Animal
1.3 Woman
1.4 Can't Stand Rock N Roll
1.5 (We Will Not) Remember You
1.6 Snowman
1.7 Streets of London
1.8 I Hate... People (Remix)
1.9 'Reck-A-Nowhere
1.10 World War III
1.11 Nowhere Man
1.12 Let's Break the Law (Remix)
2.1 Let's Break the Law
2.2 Streets of London
2.3 Let the Country Feed You
2.4 We Will Survive
2.5 I Hate... People
2.6 Snowman
2.7 For You
2.8 Going Down
2.9 Woman
2.10 Can't Stand Rock N Roll
2.11 So What
2.12 'Reck a Nowhere
2.13 Paint It Black
2.14 We're the League
3.1 Crime
3.2 Atomic Harvest
3.3 On the Waterfront
3.4 Branded
3.5 (I Don't Believe) This Is My England
3.6 Johannesburg
3.7 The Shining
3.8 Working for the Company
3.9 System
3.10 The Curtain
4.1 So What
4.2 Noddy
4.3 I Hate... People (Single Version)
4.4 Let's Break the Law (Single Version)
4.5 Woman (Single Version)
4.6 Rocker
4.7 World War III (Flexi Disc Version)
4.8 Animal (Re-Recorded Version)
4.9 For You
4.10 Ballad of J.J. Decay
4.11 Woman (Alternative Mix)
4.12 Out on the Wasteland
4.13 We Will Survive
4.14 Queen and Country
4.15 The Russians Are Coming (Demo)
4.16 Branded (Demo)
4.17 Going Down (Demo)
4.18 Those Summer Days (Demo)
4.19 Westside (Demo)
4.20 On the Waterfront (Demo)

The Anti-Nowhere League: Albums 1981-1987

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