The Apostolic Boys

The Apostolic Boys: Live Album

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Artist: The Apostolic Boys
Title: Live Album

1.1 It's Gonna Be a Good Day
1.2 Sure Looks Like a Miracle to Me
1.3 Whoever Heard of Such Love
1.4 Welcome Home My Child
1.5 For the Sake of the Blood
1.6 Here I Am to Worship
1.7 What a Friend We Have in Jesus [Instrumental]
1.8 You'll Receive Power
1.9 Through the Fire
1.10 When the Holy Ghost Shows Up (We'll Have Church)
1.11 God's Building a Church
1.12 Thy Kingdom Come
1.13 Preach the Word
1.14 Get a Way Jordon
1.15 He Said
1.16 Truth Is Marching on

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