The Apprentice: American Portrait

The Apprentice: American Portrait
Title: American Portrait
Label: CD Baby

The Apprentice is an acoustic/indie band that transcends one style of music. I started the band by myself when I wanted to write some simple acoustic songs to express what I was going through at the time. The Epic Struggle was the first album that we released and it was primarily me and an acoustic guitar with the exception of a drum loop, a bass line, or keyboards dispersed here and there. I continued to tour by myself playing Cornerstone and embarking on a small tour that merely whetted my taste for the road. Upon writing new material, I soon discovered that I needed a band to accomplish the sounds that I heard in my head. I recruited my friends Josh Iddings, Jonny Jefferson, and Bryan Patterson, to play a string of shows with me. We made our debut at Ichthus Music Festival in 2004 which has been one of the most memorable experiences in the band thus far. After moving to North Carolina, I finished writing the songs that would be featured on our sophomore album "An American Portrait". The album is about a typical American family dealing with the struggles of living in a culture where making money and a hot body is the pinnacle of life. This summer we embarked on a three-week tour with my friends and new band mates Matt Jenkins, and Matt Helfrich. This tour was the most fun that I've had in this band and most of that is due to "The Matts". The Album is out now and has received rave reviews, but more than that, we are happy that we can make music that we love for the people we love. Come see us on tour!

1.1 We Were Just Eighteen
1.2 I Am Fine
1.3 Fatherless Nation
1.4 You Still Say
1.5 Smiling Faces
1.6 In the Air
1.7 A Husband's Lament
1.8 Your Note
1.9 Cocaine and Whiskey
1.10 I'm Coming Home
1.11 The Great Invitation

The Apprentice: American Portrait

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