The Archies: The Complete Albums Collection

The Archies: The Complete Albums Collection
Title: The Complete Albums Collection
Label: Cleopatra

At long last, all 5 of the sticky sweet studio albums by bubblegum pop icons The Archies gathered together in one sugar high inducing box set! Features the groovy classics "Sugar, Sugar," "Bang-Shang-A-Lang," "Jingle Jangle" and more! Each album comes in its own individual sleeve replicating the original LP artowrk, and includes a full-color booklet with extensive liner notes!

1.1 Archie's Theme (Everything's Archie)
1.2 Boys and Girls
1.3 Time for Love
1.4 You Make Me Wanna Dance
1.5 La Dee Doo Down Down
1.6 Truck Driver
1.7 Catchin' Up on Fun
1.8 I'm in Love
1.9 Seventeen Ain't Young
1.10 Ride, Ride, Ride
1.11 Hide and Seek
1.12 Bang-Shang-A-Lang
2.1 Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y. D.O.O.)
2.2 Melody Hill
2.3 Rock ; Roll Music
2.4 Kissin'
2.5 Don't Touch My Guitar
2.6 Circle of Blue
2.7 Sugar, Sugar
2.8 You Little Angel, You
2.9 Bicycles, Roller Skates ; You
2.10 Hot Dog
2.11 Inside Out - Upside Down
2.12 Love Light
3.1 Jingle Jangle
3.2 Everything's Alright
3.3 She's Putting Me Thru Changes
3.4 Justine
3.5 Whoopee Tie Ai a
3.6 Nursery Rhyme
3.7 Get on the Line
3.8 You Know I Love You
3.9 Senorita Rita
3.10 Look Before You Leap
3.11 Sugar and Spice
3.12 Archie's Party
4.1 Sunshine
4.2 Who's Gonna Love Me
4.3 Mr. Factory
4.4 Love and Rock 'N' Roll Music
4.5 Over and Over
4.6 Waldo P. Emerson Jones
4.7 A Summer Prayer for Peace
4.8 Dance
4.9 Comes the Sun
4.10 Suddenly Susan
4.11 One Big Family
4.12 It's the Summertime
5.1 This Is Love
5.2 Don't Need No Bad Girl
5.3 Should Anybody Ask
5.4 Easy Guy
5.5 Maybe I'm Wrong
5.6 What Goes on
5.7 Carousel Man
5.8 Hold on to Lovin'
5.9 This Is the Night
5.10 Little Green Jacket
5.11 Together We Two
5.12 Throw a Little Love My Way

The Archies: The Complete Albums Collection

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