The Auteurs: Now I M a Cowboy: Expanded Edition

The Auteurs: Now I M a Cowboy: Expanded Edition
Title: Now I M a Cowboy: Expanded Edition
Label: 3Loop Music

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition. Originally released in May 1994, NOW I'm a COWBOY was The Auteurs second album. Produced by Phil Vinall and Luke Haines, it was a more than worthy successor to the Mercury Music Prize nominated NEW WAVE and is home to probably their best known song,' Lenny Valentino'. This expanded edition, compiled by Luke Haines, features a wealth of bonus material including key b-sides, two complete BBC radio sessions of the time plus an unreleased live recording of the band performing at Leeds Town And Country Club in December 93 where they supported the The. The 38 track set comes in lavish packaging and includes brand new sleeve notes by Luke Haines.

1.1 Lenny Valentino
1.2 Brainchild
1.3 I'm a Rich Man's Toy
1.4 New French Girlfriend
1.5 The Upper Classes
1.6 Chinese Bakery
1.7 A Sister Like You
1.8 Underground Movies
1.9 Life Classes / Life Model
1.10 Modern History
1.11 Daughter of a Child
1.12 Lenny Valentino (Single Version)
1.13 Vacant Lot
1.14 Car Crazy
1.15 Disney World
1.16 Lenny Valentino (Original Mix)
1.17 Underground Movies (Alternative Mix)
1.18 Brainchild (Original Version)
1.19 Government Bookstore
1.20 Everything You Say Will Destroy You
1.21 Chinese Bakery (Acoustic)
1.22 Modern History (Acoustic)
1.23 Upper Classes
1.24 Rich Man's Toy
1.25 Underground Movies
1.26 Everything You Say Will Destroy You
1.27 Lenny Valentino
1.28 Chinese Bakery
1.29 New French Girlfriend
1.30 Modern History
1.31 How Could I Be Wrong
1.32 Don't Trust the Stars
1.33 The Upper Classes
1.34 New French Girlfriend
1.35 Showgirl
1.36 Lenny Valentino
1.37 Modern History
1.38 Early Years

The Auteurs: Now I M a Cowboy: Expanded Edition

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