The Bally Who: Pilferers Patience

The Bally Who: Pilferers Patience
Title: Pilferers Patience
Label: CD Baby

The Bally Who? is an innovative music and art collective that juxtoposes modern technology with ancient storytelling techniques conjured from the cultural gumbo that is new orleans. Equal parts concert, workshop, art exhibition, and philosophical jam session, their latest piece is driven by a full-length album of music based on their puppet adaptation of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' which ran for two years at the CAC in New Orleans and Artspace in Shreveport. The set for the performance is cobbled together from recycled cardboard and contact cement and is assisted by computer altered projections and sound installations that are at home in living rooms, schools, assisted living centers, rock venues, and empty parking lots alike. The Bally Who? continue to combine the disciplines of music, painting, sculpture, video, and puppetry to reflect the hope and resilience of post-Katrina New Orleans. They bALLY who? begin their performance with a meet and greet BBQ and workshop, demonstrating a carnival float building technique used to assemble a collection of sculptures conceived and constructed by the audience which will be used thematically later in the show. This interaction between artist and audience will set the tone for a dialogue that will continue through the piece in which viewers are encouraged to hoot, holler, sing, dance, draw, and sculpt expressions of their own imaginations when prompted. A spirit of jazz (with a rock and roll enthusiasm) rules the hour-long exploration into the growing pains of the human spirit adapting to today's difficult inheritance. Atmospheres of both reverence and whimsy are evoked in the visual and sonic interpretations which navigate stormy seas of evolving human processes. A unique empathy for the pitfalls and challenges of compromise in our relationships with each other and our environment is underscored by a vision fueled from the passionate debate of two brothers united in the pursuit of their individual aesthetic ideal. The team of Rene' and Jacques Duffourc create an intuitively harmonious contrast through reinterpreting their roots of French Impressionism, the Beatles, and the Great Muppet Caper in a miraculously cohesive celebration. The Bally Who? invite kids of all ages to their continuing experiment of teaching and learning the exciting and varied roads to a healthy thankfulness through the cultivation of everyone's unbridled imaginations.

1.1 Into the Wood
1.2 Over the Hill
1.3 Farmers Three
1.4 Silent Study
1.5 Shovel Trouble
1.6 Under Bean's Truck
1.7 To the Coop
1.8 Cannonball Suite
1.9 Feast for All
1.10 Acknowledgments

The Bally Who: Pilferers Patience

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