The Band of Brothers

The Band of Brothers: Piece of Cake

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Title: Piece of Cake
Label: CD Baby

'Piece of Cake' - fifteen songs that perfectly represent the songwriting & musical talents of The Band of Brothers. The album features six songs from Michael Scott Smith; six from Jamie Stevens, and three from Alan Fox; with drums & percussion by Jesse Sprinkle on twelve tracks. Other musical guests are Sean Smith on saxophone (Piece of Cake) and Aaron Hall on violin (Irish Morning). Work on the CD began in early 2011, when the group began rehearsing and arranging the songs in earnest at concerts (although a half dozen of the songs had been in their performance repertoire for years.) The basic tracks were recorded 'live' in the studio in early May 2011, with subequent sessions devoted to overdubbing some harmony vocals, slide guitar, and percussion. Michael is featured on vocals, guitar, slide guitar, banjo, mandolin, acoustic bass & percussion; Jamie on vocals, 12-string guitar, banjo & mandolin; and Alan on vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, banjo, and acoustic & electric bass. All recording and mixing was completed by late June 2011. The fifteen songs are presented in a variety of musical styles: folk, bluegrass, doo-wop, country swing, folk-rock, Irish - whatever was required by the nature of each song. Humor abounds, and every song offers a delightful story that begs for repeated listens.

1.1 Old Uncle Joe
1.2 Dancing in Time
1.3 Piece of Cake
1.4 The Cat Song
1.5 Silent Ocean
1.6 Wild Bill
1.7 Kissing and Hugging
1.8 We Used to Ride the Freight Trains
1.9 Palm of Your Hand
1.10 Driving Granny Home
1.11 Little Green Devils
1.12 Irish Morning
1.13 Punxsutawney Phil
1.14 Your Face Is Love
1.15 Boston Brown Rub

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