The Baronics

The Baronics: Get Bach Re-Edited

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Artist: The Baronics

Artist: The Baronics
Title: Get Bach Re-Edited

Phil Dirt - Reverb Central - PO Box 1609, Felton, CA 95018-1609 USA - latest review 2011/11/11... The Baronics - Get Bach! RE-EDITED **** I loved this the first time around, and reissued it seems even more current. Superb playing and fine arranging of wonderful classical music. 1997 Phil Dirt's review... Holy Cow!!! What great concept. Makes you smile... What the Halibuts do for classic surf, these guys do for classical music. It was bound to happen. Someone had to to a whole classical surf thing, but I expected the first complete outing to be mediocre gimmickry or pedestrian novelty. This is magnificent! Remarkable arrangements, perfect performances, great sound, and completely wonderful! History In 1996, bassist Olivier Martin leaves surf rock band Les Jaguars. Shortly there after, he contacts the guitarist Patrick Kelly and form the Baronics.The name was taken from a group (their former band) that existed ten years earlier in the Montreal music scene. The name wasn't the only thing they borrowed from the old band, they also incorporated their old look too. They have been developing their repertory and their interest in surf music, while at the same time work on traditional adaptations of classical pieces.This fusion would lead to the very particular style found on the album "Get Bach! ", in 1997. They make a promotional round in Canada and also play in clubs and various demonstrations. The Baronics record standards, themes and surf rock instrumentals, part of their live act. Exposition, released in February of 1998, contains that assortment of various fun, theme and mood pieces.

1.1 Spring R.269 Concerto in E Major
1.2 Summer R.315 Concerto in G Minor
1.3 Fall R.269 Concerto in F Major
1.4 Winter R.297 Concerto in F Minor
1.5 Rondo Alla Turca
1.6 Invention 1;13
1.7 Kanon
1.8 Moonlight Sonata
1.9 Serenade No. 13 K525
1.10 Bourrée Intro (Tremolo Version)
1.11 Bourrée
1.12 Spring R.269 Concerto in E Major (Live Medley Version)

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