The Bauls of Bengal: Bauls of Bengal

The Bauls of Bengal: Bauls of Bengal
Artist: The Bauls of Bengal
Title: Bauls of Bengal

The Bauls are a clan of wandering minstrels whose music transcends the boundaries of what we know as traditional Indian folk music. Their extraordinary music and unsurpassed vocal art is totally unique. The "Bauls of Bengal" was a ground-breaking album when it was originally released in 1967 and proved to be one of the most popular world music albums of all time with sales of over a million units worldwide on vinyl

1.1 Ki Die Pujibo Hari Cahrana Tomar
1.2 Boley Koey Manush Key Ki Sadhu Kora Jai?
1.3 Manush Bhaja, Manush Puja
1.4 Sesher Diney Sheyjon Biney
1.5 Tumi Jaaliey Geley Moner Aagoon Nivey Geley Naa
1.6 Prem Kathati Shuntey Bhalo
1.7 Ebar Jeney Shune Namio Sasbdhaney
1.8 O're Mone Jele

The Bauls of Bengal: Bauls of Bengal

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