Beatbuds: The Beatbuds Vol. 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beatbuds

Title: The Beatbuds Vol. 2
Label: CD Baby

The Beatbuds® are Jonathan Jonah and Matthew Shapiro (aka Jonny Jingles and Matty Maracas). Longtime musical partners and best friends, The Beatbuds® are dedicated to exercising your child's mind through music. With music performance and arts degrees from California State University at Northridge and The Los Angeles Music Academy, combined with a versatile background in music education, the duo has created The Beatbuds® Volume 2 as both a standalone piece and the foundation to a diverse and interactive program designed to offer your child exposure to the basic components of music. Through the use of major and minor keys and rhythmic and melodic exploration, The Beatbuds® Volume 2 is chock-full of catchy tunes that are rich in both spirit and message. Their original music is endearing and educational, lyrically touching upon a multitude of cultural and societal topics including the maintenance of self image, tolerance, health and hygiene, environmental consciousness, and general education. It is through this music that The Beatbuds® are able to exercise your child's creative and logical mind as well as provide a fun and engaging musical experience.

1.1 We're Back!
1.2 The Froggy Hop
1.3 Racer 1
1.4 Doctor!
1.5 The Planets Song
1.6 Faster
1.7 Cleaning Up Is Fun
1.8 Hello Again
1.9 A Prince and Princess
1.10 It's Time to Sleep

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